Philippine American Surviving Partner Support Club (PASPSC)

Retired Activities Office (RAO) Subic Bay Philippines, developed the Philippine American Surviving Partner Support Club to start a community with the surviving partners to support each member through the impact of loss and the bureaucracy that goes with it.

As PASPSC, we are here to support and guide you. We know what a difficult and confusing time this is. We have been there , just like you. We cannot take the pain of your loss but we will travel the road with you, as your support club, as your friend, and , sometimes, simply a shoulder to cry on and together we will support our entire community to become one big family helping each other in rebuilding our future.

Vision Statement:

In loving memory of our fallen heroes, we will remember our past while rebuilding our future.

Mission Statement:

To create and provide a compassionate and safe community where we can all share, support and encourage each surviving partner’s unique path through healing. A place where we can educate ourselves about the resources and available programs to support the community and to have the capacity in reaching back while moving forward.

Our Process:

Our process offers support based on the belief that a surviving partner is best helped along with the guidance of other surviving partners who had similar experience.

We carry our vision, mission and process through the following services:

1. Monthly Support Club Meetings
2. Monthly Social Events
3. One on one guidance with paper work
4. Educational Programs/Seminars
5. Monthly Newsletters
6. Support through letters and emails
7. Helpline/Call a Friend Program
8. Resource Library
9. Wellness Program
10. Community Service

PASPSC Brochure


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