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Is it possible to carry-on cremated remains of a loved one to transport from Philippines to US?

Answer:  (based on my own experience)

It is very possible, I’ve done it.

Cremated remains can be accepted as either carry-on, checked baggage or shipped.

But please know, airlines have certain restrictions on how to transport cremated remains.  You have to double check with the airline that you will be using (my case, used Delta), to determine their exact policies.  It might me very confusing to handle all the required documentation but it is very useful to understand that the rules and requirements have a basis in ensuring proper care for our loved ones remains and to also ensure that our flight process is as smooth as possible.  So it is very good idea to contact your airline in advance so you can get the specific requirements from them.

Airlines and airport personnel will not under any circumstance open an urn with cremated remains in it, therefore, they require to have the remains in a plastic or wood urn so it can pass through the x-ray machine (I used Wood Urn).

I also suggest, to make copies of all the documents concerning the travel of remains and arrive early to allow yourself extra time on the day of travel to ensure adequate time to pass through security clearance, for they will be checking all the documents concerning the travel of remains.

Now, you can consider all the following steps that I did, but still double check in case they have additional guidelines with their policies (for I did all this 2016).

Documentation Process in Handling Human Remains/Ashes for transport to US

Step 1

Secure the original copy of:

Death Certificate

Embalming/Cremation Certificate (Given by the Funeral Homes)

Transfer Permit from the city of origin (Get from the City Registrar Office)

Certificate Cost  Php 100.00

Step 2

Contact Philippine Bureau of Quarantine Office.


25TH Delgado St. Fort Area Manila

Contact Tel. # : 02-320-9101 / 02-527-4678

Fax : 02-320-9105

Email : ihs.boq@gmail.com


  1. Death Certificate
  2. Embalming / Cremation Certificate
  3. Transfer Permit from the City of Origin

Certificate Cost Php 500.00

Step 3

Secure your travel ticket and with your itinerary, contact US Embassy for Shipment or Hand Carry of Remains/Ashes thru Mortuary certificate Window ACS.   They will issue a Certificate (at no charge for Military) that you will attach with the other documentations that you already have, and by then you are ready to travel.

I wish that this guide be useful for anyone who will need to go thru the process without too much hassle.


Jocelyn                                                                                                                                                                                                      (PASPSC)




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