Surviving Partner Check-off List

Matter of Time
Matter of Time

1. General Information:

A. The RAO will notify the following Government Agencies:
      1. Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
      2. U.S. Embassy (if US Citizen)
      3. Social Security Administration (if applicable)
      4. Veterans Affairs (if applicable)
      5. Operation of Personnel Management (MSC or Federal Employee) (if Applicable)
                                                                                                                                                                                         B. Non-Government Agencies:

       1. Navy Federal Credit Union (if applicable)
       2. Other agencies or specialists as necessary or requested.

2. Going to the RAO to report the death of an American.

A. The following documents are MANDATORY (original documents required unless     otherwise   noted):
1. Death Certificate (Blue Original) & 8 Local certified Registrar “Certified True Copy” (must  have Registration Number”)
2. Current Military or Dependent ID of the deceased.
3. Deceased’s Passport (US only)
4. Deceased’s Certificate of naturalization (if not born in USA)
5. DD 214-ALL (even if not a retiree there may be benefits)
6. Marriage Contract (2 NSO or “raised seal” copies).
7. Divorce Decree, Annulment orders or Death Cert. of previous spouse
8. Latest pay statement of the deceased from DFAS or OPM. Social Security/VA/Railroad/State/ Civilian retired pay statements should also be furnished.
9. Last Will and testament or Power of Attorney , or Guardianships.
10.Deceased Social Security Card or Medicare Card
11.NoK’s/Widow’s Social Security Card or ITIN Card
12.NoK’s/Widow’s Military Dependent ID Card (if applicable)
13.NoK’s/Widow’s/reporting Person’s ID (any current ID)

B. These documents are OPTIONAL (but required if you want assistance)
1. Government Insurance Policies (SGLI, VGLI, GLI, NSLI)
2. Private Insurance Policies
3. Other Government/Non-Government information if notification is desired by Nok/spouse or reporting person

C. It is recommended all personal documents, wallet and paperwork be brought to the RAO. The document not brought in may be the one that gives additional benefits (VA decision letters, fraternal organization memberships and state identification for service connection, state benefits/taxes, funeral ceremonies, etc).

3. Burial Flag

   A. To obtain a Burial Flag from the RAO or Service Organization, please submit a copy of the decedent’s DD 214, and death certification with “Registration No.” as this is the minimum required.
B. Only One Burial Flag per decedent is authorized by law and regulation.

(Please Note: Copies will be made available to the Widow or Next of Kin)


PASPSC Launching

Thank You!

Philippine American Surviving Partner Support Club Launching June 26, 2015

PASPSC would like to thank everybody who came to the launching and made it a huge success. We are very grateful for your presence and participation.

We look forward to seeing all of you again in our next gathering. Once again, thank you so much for your interest and involvement in making our community as one big family.

To our shared journey,

Your PASPSC Team

P.S. Be sociable, spread the word about PASPSC.